How to help teachers and Tutors Working Together


Let the teacher know about your plan

The first step in helping good communication between teachers and tutor is sharing tutoring plans for your child with their teacher. Let the teacher know about your plan and what to expect as it will open lines of communication. You also need to explain what your goal is that the school, teacher and tutor should work together in the benefit of your child. Your child’s teacher would be able to get the tutor an insight about the child’s communication or non-communication and possible problems at school and ask the teacher how he or she would like communication to proceed. In addition to that should you let the school know that your child’s tutor has full permission to have open communication with the child’s teachers.

Set clear expectations

You need to communicate with the tutor as to how he or she works and how she would typically communicate with the child’s teacher. You also let the tutor know what you would like to share with teachers as well as what you would prefer not to be told or shared. Then you also have to make it clear that you are kept up to date about everything that happens that concerns your child.

Keep the focus on your child

You may find that some teachers are defensive when it comes to bringing in additional help like a tutor. Some teachers feel you think they are inadequate and feel threatened by tutors. This is where you need to remind teachers that it is about your child and keeping the focus on the wellbeing of the child.

Working through approach differences

You will find that many teachers object to a tutor as they feel a tutor works differently than they do. Using different methods though does not have to be a problem when the two teaching bodies work together.

Clear flow of information

The key is to have an open line of clear communication between tutor and teacher while keeping in mind that you as the parent must be kept in the loop at all times.