What you need to Know about Tutoring and Dyscalculia


When a child has dyscalculia it severely affect their ability to understand math concepts and math. If you child has dis disorder and get dyscalculia support at his or her school you might still have to consider a tutor outside of school. When you hire a tutor for a child with difficulty you must only employ a tutor with this kind of expertise.

What kind of tutor are you looking for?
When you search for a tutor for your child with dyscalculia you cannot for example use a tutor who has speciality in training children with dyslexia. Each type of tutor are specialized in their individual area of expertise even though you will not find a tutor that will have a certification for example a tutor with dyslexia certification. Even that does not mean that there are no tutor that could help your child or that there are no specific teaching program for these children. It has been found that when a child has dyscalculia a multisensory structured approach are sufficient and very helpful.

A system that appeared to work is the Stern Structural Arithmetic program thus when you search for a tutor is it great to ask specifically about their knowledge on this program and if they have worked with it before as well as with a child who specifically have dyscalculia. When you find a tutor that can it means that they will focus first of all on verbal reasoning. He or she will talk through the problem with a child explaining verbally what the problem or concept is as spoken words will work. Then they will also use a structured approach in breaking down the math into small skills and then only build it up. As far as s multisensory is concerned will the tutor use sight, touch, hearing and movement to help a child understand the math concept and math?

You will not often find that a tutor advertise himself or herself as a dyscalculia tutor thus would your best option be to look for special education teachers who specializes in specific direction. You will find that a retired teacher or those looking for an additional income outside of normal schooling would be able to help your child as afterschool tutor. Graduate student are another option or educational therapists who are specially trained to work with children with attention and learning difficulties.