Tutoring and Children with Dyslexia


When you have a dyslexic child it is often the case that he will automatically have specialized reading instructions as it is important to help a child to learn reading ability. However this is often not enough and an ousted tutor are often a great help, but what do you look for in a tutor though. You would know that when you have a dyslexic child that the child needs specific reading instruction which is called MSLE multisensory structured language education.

Even though there are several of these programs you are looking for a tutor that uses MSLE programs. Preferably in order not to confuse your child even more or set him back it is advised that the tutor uses the same program as the school or else the tutor have to coordinate his program and methods with the school. Using the school’s program though gives the child added advantage as a tutor fill in gaps that a school does not have time for or not being able to give your child individual attention which a tutor are great for.

To be able to teach a dyslexic child to read is not simple feat and it requires special skill, thus would you not do your child any favours by hiring just any tutor. Many tutors teaching dyslexic children would call themselves not a tutor but a language specialist or reading specialist. A tutor could get specialized training and have qualifications and certifications and it is your best option to look for a qualified professional especially one with MSLE program experience.

When you are looking for a tutor the best place to start could be at the school as they might have qualified tutors lists. Your child’s doctor and parents with children who are dyslexic are other sources. The best time to look for a tutor for your child is around the second grade when your child would be actively starting to read and need additional help. You will notice when you child is far behind class mates even though there are nothing wrong with intelligence that he or she have a problem reading words. You will find that dyslexia is often not diagnosed or recognised until later but starting early with a qualified tutor would only be beneficial when you notice your child is struggling.