A Checklist to know your Child needs End-of-Year Tutoring


When children starts middle school you will find that they get longer papers, much more homework, large projects and then also final exams too. You might feel he or she need help with mounting pressure and this could be a good time to get the help of a tutor. Content tutors work with children on specific subjects, while organizational coaches are a great help to aid children with study skills and time management. Educational therapists on the other hand work on other types of problems that could have an impact on exams and classes. With this checklist you will be able to determine if your child needs a tutor and the type of help he or she needs.

Tutors for specific subject when:

  • A teacher in a specific subject express concern regarding your child’s final grade or his or her progress compared to the rest of the class in a specific subject.
  • The child did well during the year on projects and homework, but the tests show a different result.
  • Your child does well in class projects and keeps up, however putting all the information together during final exams appear troublesome.
  • Teachers might move to fast in specific subject in class and your child needs more time to proses it all and needs reviewing time.
  • A teacher seems unhelpful while your child needs questions or problems answered and time is limited before final exams.

When to consider an organizational coach:

  • When study time comes your child cannot find notes, lost past assignments and has to re-read everything over.
  • The child does not manage to hand in full assignments thus get partial grades as she or he do not have enough time to complete assignments and homework,
  • It does not appear that the child has planning skills and plan work and week ahead as he or she should.
  • Your child waste time on repeatedly studying subjects he or she knows well and neglect to focus on work that need to be studied.

When to consider an educational therapist:

  • During the year and when asked, the child knows all materials studied, but test grades show poor results.
  • When a child has difficulty putting together multiple ideas.
  • When a child has reading comprehension difficulties that affects grades in more than one subject.
  • When your child does not realize her or his own strengths or weaknesses or what strategies to use.
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