Recognising Signs that a Child Needs a Tutor


You often find that children have busy family schedule and increased studies and homework assignment as well as sport. In these instances would individual teaching be a significantly productive addition to any child. A tutor offers one-on-one attention which do wonders to most learners. Many children do well with attentive and helpful parents and helpful teachers, while many others benefit tremendously with extra help. We point out some common signs that showcase these situations.

Slipping grades

You might feel your child could improve on his or her previous report card or you might notice a sudden or even gradual decline in test scores. This is time to actively communicating with teachers to pinpoint concepts the child struggles with. Teachers are observant in noticing drifting attention, having a hard time understanding one subject while finding another easier and if a problem is pinpointed it requires action to improve grades.

Not Able to Manage Time

When your child starts postponing homework and put off projects it could indicate that it is impossible to keep up with workloads and pressures. You could expect occasional delays, however consistent procrastination might indicate larger issues, which you as parent should recognize through intuition.

Learning disabilities

All children who have been diagnosed with a learning disability for example visual processing, dyslexia or ADHD would find additional tutoring very beneficial. You will find that children that are diagnosed with any disorder have to work much harder in order to stay on track.

Decrease parental supervision

Parents who work outside their home and have more commitments outside family time find maintaining homework aid to their children near impossible. If you cannot manage or afford spending the same level of time with your child that previously while their workload increase too, it would be a great time to consider a tutor.

Consistent confusion

You will find that children might appear confused simply because they do not understand what was explained in the classroom. A child that continuously express anxiety due to homework it is time to consider a tutor.