How to Afford Tutoring?


When you child has learning difficulties you want the best for him or her, however even though you want a tutor, you know it will be expensive. We look at a way to find affordable ways to get tutoring for your child.

Talk to the school first
The best step is to speak to the school your child is attending first when you want to explore options, many schools offer free afterschool programs to provide homework help. Many school districts also work with organizations that pair volunteer tutors and students for free or affordable tutoring.

Reach out to colleges

A common source of low cost tutoring is local colleges as college student’s love helping students struggling and their costs are much lower that another tutor and finding a student would be great by searching college news boards and newspapers or online.

Group tutoring sessions

Another great source is a group tutoring session as it keeps cost down tremendously. Looking online or at your local school for group sessions for subjects your child needs tutoring in. these group sessions are usually small consisting out of two, three or five students at most.

Local non-profit organizations

You will find many non-profit organizations that love helping communities and parents with children that need help in additional teaching.

Tax deduction for tutoring
You will find that some medical aid etc. see child tutoring as a tax deductible medical expense.

Surf the web

Online resources are immense and you will find an endless resource of information about places reaching out to parents and communities that have one aim and that is boosting today’s youth with knowledge and skills. While some will cost you money you will also find free sources. A school often also sign up for online tutoring websites and offer it free t parents and children thus is it wise to check with your child’s school before signing up for anything costly.

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